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Telemedicine Services in Anaheim CA, Close to Disneyland

Telemedicine Services Near Me in Anaheim CA, Close to Disneyland
Telemedicine Services Near Me in Anaheim CA, Close to Disneyland

Table of Contents:

How does telemedicine work?
What can be treated with telemedicine?
Is telemedicine less expensive than in-person medicine?
Do you offer telemedicine/virtual visits in Anaheim, CA?

When you’re ill or injured and you don’t want to leave the comfort of your home, or if for some reason you shouldn’t leave home, what you want is telemedicine! It offers advice, diagnosis, and recommendations for treatment without you having to go anywhere. If that’s the kind of care you want, then connect with us here at SoCal Urgent Care for telemedicine in Anaheim, CA.

How does telemedicine work?

Telemedicine is also known as telecare, telehealth, or virtual visits with a doctor. The visit you’ll have with a SoCal Urgent Care doctor will be over the phone or via online video conference. For the latter, you’ll need a:

– Decent internet connection
– Computer or another device with a camera or microphone

Once you have those two things, you’ll be ready for a virtual visit with a doctor. Or if you don’t have those things, you can just get telemedicine over the phone. Here’s how your appointment will go:

– You’ll tell one of our doctors about your symptoms and health
– If applicable, the doctor will perform a visual examination or, if necessary, suggest a face-to-face evaluation
– The doctor will provide a diagnosis
– The doctor will recommend a treatment like a prescription or, in some cases, treatment at our clinic’s curbside

What can be treated with telemedicine?

There are many, many health-related issues that can be addressed with telemedicine! Here’s a list of some of the many issues telemedicine can treat, and if you don’t see a particular condition on this list, you’re free to call and ask us about it:

– Minor respiratory issues like upper respiratory tract infections
– Sinus pain/infection, or sinusitis
– Minor skin injuries like sunburns, or skin infections
– Other minor injuries like minor sprains or strains
– Nausea
– Conjunctivitis/pinkeye
– Sore throat, bronchitis, or laryngitis
– Bladder/urinary tract infections
– Prescription refills
– Pain caused by arthritis, or general pain
– Acid reflux/heartburn
– Seasonal allergies or minor allergic reactions
– Insect bites
– Poison ivy/oak exposure
– Rashes that are non-genital and without fever
– Requests for services like referrals or laboratory testing
– Minor flu-like symptoms
And others

There are some health-related issues that can’t be addressed with telemedicine, so it’s necessary to come see us in person for certain issues. It’s absolutely necessary to call 911 for any life-threatening or possibly life-threatening issues. Significant chest pain or difficulty breathing are examples of these issues.

Is telemedicine less expensive than in-person medicine?

Generally, yes, it is! In fact, it can be significantly less expensive. For uninsured patients, the self-pay option is very affordable for many patients, and for insured patients, virtual visits are covered by most insurance companies including Medicare and Medicaid. We work with most insurance companies here at SoCal Urgent Care, but you’re free to call and ask us whether we work with your particular provider.

Do you offer telemedicine/virtual visits in Anaheim, CA?

Yes, we do! To learn more about the service or to make an appointment for it, contact us today. Existing patients and new patients alike can contact us to request an appointment. If you’re insured, then please have your insurance ready before you call. You’re also free to contact us at that number with any questions you have for us. We serve patients from Anaheim CA, Buena Park CA, La Palma CA, Cerritos CA, Placentia CA, Stanton CA, and surrounding areas.

With telemedicine, you can skip the drive and the waiting room! It’s easy, convenient, and affordable. Call us today for your phone or video appointment with SoCal Urgent Care!