Cuts and Stitches Treatment

Cuts and Stitches Treatment Questions and Answers

Cuts and Stitches Treatment Near Me in Anaheim, CA
Cuts and Stitches Treatment Near Me in Anaheim, CA

For kids, minor scrapes and cuts are just a part of everyday life, and for us adults, these injuries can be a part of our work or recreational lives. To help us all get back to our lives quickly, urgent care clinics like ours provide treatments like stitches any day of the week. SoCal Urgent Care wants to be your go-to clinic for cuts and minor injuries in Anaheim, CA. Come see us today for quick, convenient care!

What qualifies as a cut?

A cut is a kind of wound, and it can be easy to confuse cuts with other wounds. Each kind of wound needs a different treatment too. The different types of wounds are:

  • Abrasions, or scrapes (like road rash)
  • Punctures (wounds caused by a pointed object like a nail—these wounds can be serious, requiring a tetanus shot to prevent infection, or being deep enough to puncture an organ)
  • Avulsions (wounds that can occur in a violent accident like a car crash—these wounds are a partial tearing away of a piece of skin and tissue, and are especially serious)
  • Cuts, or lacerations (wounds caused by things like kitchen knives or sharp edges, etc.; these wounds are generally minor but may be serious)

Sometimes professionals will be very specific with their language and say a cut is different from a laceration, but really, the two terms refer to the same general type of wound.

How do I know when a cut is serious or minor?

When a cut isn’t bleeding very much, is bleeding controllably, isn’t very deep, and wasn’t caused by a dirty or rusted object, then it’s minor and will heal on its own or with basic care at home. However, if a cut is bleeding a lot (but not excessively), if a cut is somewhat deep, or if a cut was caused by a dirty or rusted object, then the cut may require stitches and/or a tetanus shot. Most importantly, if a cut is bleeding excessively and/or uncontrollably, then you must dial 911 for emergency care. Only if the bleeding is minor and under control can you seek care at urgent care.

What is the typical treatment for minor cuts?

For minor cuts that can be treated at home, simply wash your hands to avoid infection, stop the bleeding with gentle pressure and a clean bandage/cloth (if necessary), clean the wound with tap water and around the wound with soap and water, apply an antibiotic (if necessary), and then cover the scrape with a bandage or gauze to keep it clean. You might need to change the bandage or gauze each day.

Remember that you may need a tetanus shot if you suspect the wound may be dirty. Watch for signs of infection too. If a cut is still minor but more significant, then you may need stitches. At a clinic like SoCal Urgent Care, the professionals can provide tetanus shots, treatments for infected cuts, and stitches.

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